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Increase engagement and clinical outcomes. License our high quality video content and instantly use it in your platforms.
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Your focus is care not content

You know that creating high quality, engaging support content will increase the value of your service, however:
Creating content is costly
Requires a content team and unique skillsets
It’s a time consuming process
You need high quality content that supports your users and patients, that’s ready-to-use now.

Our focus is content for care

We’re creating the best healthcare content so you don’t have to.

We use our expertise in creating high quality video content and partner with clinicians and topic experts to create engaging content that complements your existing products.
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Content by clinicians
Our content is reviewed by, approved and delivered by clinicians.
Content is created in bitesize episodes, and designed to work as part of a series to be used either in courses or standalone.
API or download
You can implement our content either using our content API or direct download.
Landscape or portrait
We edit all content in Landscape and Portrait for easy  use on different types of devices and platforms.

Starting with pervasive conditions

Drive higher product retention and reduce churn. Our aim is to create content that complements support and care for:
Anxiety & depression
Heart health
Pain management
Anxiety & Depression iconheart health iconPain management iconObesity IconCancer IconDiabetes Icon
Improve engagement and outcomes with engaging off the shelf healthcare content

Drive engagement and learning

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Improves clinical outcomes

Studies have shown video-based content results in improvement in clinical outcomes.

Representative and diverse

Representation is at the center of what we do, driving more engagement with your users.
Our content.
Your platforms.
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Content hubs
Add the content to your content hub.
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Chat-based care apps
Bring relevant content into chat based care products.
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Condition focused apps
Quickly create courses or surface content within your condition based app or service.
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Direct to patients
Send content links direct to patients via message or emails.
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Sanctuary's content is going to be crucial in improving the experience for our clients before and after hospital care."
COO, Nexus

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Improve engagement and outcomes with engaging off the shelf healthcare and wellness content