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All content at a 6th grade reading age or lower. Translations, subtitles, and readable script alternatives available.

Better content saves lives

video is preferred


Of people prefer video over articles to access information or instructional content
Communication is key


Of U.S adults have low literacy (below 6th grade level). Making it hard to understand key health information
understanding saves lives


Higher mortality rate amongst people with low health literacy vs high health literacy

We make engagement easy

Nano learning
Patient engagement drops off quickly. That’s why we condense our educational programs into short, compelling clips.
Multiple languages
Tailor your content library to any demographic, with audio and text translation available for all videos.
Diagrams reduce the literacy demand of learning materials, making our content more accessible.
Presenting information in multiple formats enhances understanding and memory of educational content.
Transform the patient journey with a movie-worthy auditory and visual experience.
Relevant and up-to-date
The community speaks, and we listen. We select topics most relevant to patients today and only use the latest research.

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API-first means no heavy lifting for product teams
Fast and easy integration
API or Whitelabel platform
Average launch time under 4 weeks
"Sanctuary Health's API made it easy for us to add content to our product in two weeks. We're really happy with the speed and ease of integration."
Senior developer
"It took us three weeks from starting work on bringing content into our product to having our members engaging with the content. "
Product Director

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"Sanctuary's content will really help our community understand the conditions that can come with age. This will drive better outcomes.”
Daniella, PhD
Holly Health
"Sanctuary's content is going to be crucial in improving the experience for our clients before and after hospital care."
COO, Nexus